What is the Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine?

by Thomas

A gantry type plasma cutting machine is an efficient automatic energy-saving cutting machine fit for every type of thickness of stainless steel, carbon steel, and non-ferrous metal sheet precision cutting. It is a machine that frequently moves on wheels on a pair of parallel rails and has an excellent cutting range of 0 to 200mm thick.

Why use a Gantry Type Plasma Cutting Machine?

The gantry plan suits itself to CNC form cutting, which uses the X-Y coordinate structure for designing parts. By motorizing every axis and matching both axes’ motion simultaneously, you can adjust the torch’s movement in any cycle required to get shapes out of the metal and steel plates.

Machine Details

  • The machine structure is a heavy-duty gantry type.
  • FastCAM software for nesting
  • Arc voltage height widget set up for plasma cutting
  • The heavy-duty alignment rail
  • A Hypertherm plasma source
  • Start a CNC control system.

This machine is used in shipbuilding, locomotive manufacturing, mining, petrochemical industries, heavy machinery, chemical industry, boiler manufacturing, and other manufacturing fields. Compared to other types of CNC cutting machines, the gantry type is more stable.

Standard Features

1. Main Frame

 The thickness of steel plates for all frames must be 20mm to provide rapid mechanical potency and resistance to deformation for a guaranteed precision cutting.

2. Hollow Design

The beam adopts a hollow structure to deformation of the frame because of heat. It is useful for heat dissipation and removes inner stress. With such a design, you are sure of quality cuttings always.

3. The Gear Rack and Guide Rail Groove

It is situated in front of the beam to ascertain the stable movements and cutting accuracy of the frame and plasma torches. The gapless meshing device decreases the gears’ meshing defects and keeps soot and iron filings from accessing the gears as the machine operates.

4. Front Beam

It is composed of a 20mm thick steel plate to raise the surface’s smoothness and uniformity to guarantee cutting precision.

Other features are;

  • Automatic torch height controller
  • High control precision
  • Consistent performance
  • Great anti-jamming capacity
  • The world’s most branded parts and circuits guarantee lasting service life and quality performance.
  • Sufficiently functioning CNC structureand opt coupler appliance improves the excellent anti-jamming capacity of the plasma system.
  • The rails are made to produce precise movement for the machine; they are powerful enough to handle the whole machine’s load and other equipment mounted to it. Depending on machine size, the rails can be simple, complex, or large.

Advantages of a Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

  1. It is user-friendly.
  2. Casts parts of precision equipment to achieve stability, high precision, and lasting life.
  3. The horizontal guide rails made from the imported or domestic linear guide are good guidance and great precision.
  4. The gantry box beam has a higher carrying capacity and a twofold drive for the solid structure adequate to destroy the welding stress. Its performance is therefore reliable and stable
  5. The longitude guide rails are made from unique metals with grinding superficies, has great abrasion resistance and mechanical precision.

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