How to select the right chemicals

by Thomas

Every human innovation that we have in our society today has been aided by science in one way or the other.

Science laboratories form the basis for most discoveries to be birthed. It contains the necessary apparatus needed to conduct and scale up any needed experiment. It also contains the needed chemicals needed to conduct an experiment.

Without such experiments and discoveries, a lot of inventions and innovations that have helped humankind wouldn’t have been available today.

When a laboratory experiment goes wrong or doesn’t produce the expected results, it is quite hard to pinpoint what exactly went wrong. Even though it’s possible to do it, it is very tedious because a lot of things may have contributed to it- little changes in simulation environments, volumetric calibration, purity of reagents and solvents used, and other things.

To avoid inaccuracy of results, you need a thorough and first-hand knowledge of calibration, great understanding of chemical shelf life, and classification of chemicals based on different factors.

The chemicals to be used in such laboratories should be based on the purpose intended and level of accuracy. This is why it is super important to choose the right chemicals for your experiments and processes. Most times, people focus on building the right laboratories or company structures that they pay less attention to the quality of the materials used.

The two go hand-in-hand. You can’t focus on one and leave the other.

If you choose the wrong chemicals or use low-quality ones, it could result in poor results that would waste years of scientific research and struggle. The financial implications could also cause a strain on the lab’s budget.

Furthermore, inaccurate and misinterpreted results could also lead to death of the victim, especially if the person is dealing with highly concentrated chemicals.

How to select chemicals

Chemicals are categorized based on a specific field of research or need.

  • Know the classification basis: for you to choose the right chemicals for your lab, you have to know basic things like their purity grade classification, hazard grade classification, and other wider classification scales.

Some laboratories also group chemicals as organic/inorganic, reagents/active agents, and solvents/solutes. This helps them to properly store the chemicals based on their shelf life and concentration levels.

This is why Vulcan chemicals are your best bet. They manufacture and store chemicals appropriately, therefore removing any potential risk.

  • Purpose of the laboratory: Different chemicals are used for different purposes, and cannot interfere with the workings of another. Some chemicals pertain to certain industries.

For instance, the chemical used in a Pharmacological lab may not be used in a Forensic lab. It is often advised that a lab only stores chemicals that are used for procedures done in that lab.

This is why Vulcan chemicals are highly recommended. They have chemicals designed for specific needs and are stored based on their hazard levels.

  • Authenticity: You have to choose chemicals from qualified and authentic manufacturers to avoid buying fake products. Vulcan chemicals are produced with the highest quality.

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