Here’s Why Rapid Tools Can Give You the Edge

by Thomas

Combining conventional tooling processes and prototyping techniques to form a perfect rapid mold is the simple explanation of rapid tooling.

The use of rapid tooling technology is one of the popular processes in manufacturing today. This technology is mostly used to the components of working design models by making use of CAD data.

As the name indicates, rapid tooling is meant to be fast and effective. The technology uses little time and is less expensive when there is a combination of CAD and rapid tooling.

When you try to compare rapid tooling to most traditional processes, you will discover that it is way cheaper and faster.

Rapid tooling is now gaining popularity and it is seen as a means to produce injection molded components.

What are some of the reasons why you should choose rapid tooling? This article will discuss several reasons why you need rapid tooling technology.

Importance of Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling Is Fast

This technology uses rapid prototyping services as a source of patterns. When you have a high volume of products, the cost of tooling and other expenses will match.

With high volume for production, you need a process that will use less time but also require you to spend less money on the process itself.

That is a fine place to include rapid tooling. Rapid tooling will help you achieve your production goals within a short period.

With rapid tooling, your production process will be cost-effective and quick. It does not matter if your production volume is small or huge.

Creates Innovation Opportunities

Since conventional tooling is not used in rapid tooling, there is a gap to be filled with innovations and that space has to be filled.

With such opportunities, people will think of more ways to make the process better and the improvements will continue.

Rapid prototyping makes it possible for designers to achieve complex geometries. But these complex geometries are almost impossible to develop with conventional prototyping.

Rapid Tooling Saves Time

Rapid tooling technology is a time saving effective venture. This is because it removes the need to make patterns, special tools like the conventional tooling.

With rapid tooling, you can significantly reduce the time between the initial idea and the evaluation period.

Rapid tooling produces accurate prototypes. These prototypes are available for their form, performance and functions to be tested.

There can also be modifications and changes made to the design by the designers depending on the feedback.

Rapid Tooling Saves Cost

Rapid tooling technology is a money saver. After components have been produced by the rapid tooling, you can carry out impact testing and stress testing on the component.

This is because the products can be compared to full-scale production. When you are done with the tests, the results can be examined and changes made before starting the tooling process.


Rapid tooling is now popular for its ability to produce a huge volume of products within a short period and save costs at the same time. A great innovation indeed.

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