What Are The Features Of Gravure Printing?

by Thomas

Gravure (Rotogravure) printing entails the process of engraving images into a cylinder. The process in which the image is engraved into a cylinder utilizes a rotary printing press. Furthermore, the gravure cylinder-making process ensures that gravure printing can be used to print postcards, packaging items, magazines, and several other items. Moreover, there are several attributes associated with gravure printing. Thus, this article aims to inform you of eight characteristics of gravure printing.

8 attributes of gravure printing

1. High production speed

Gravure printing has a production speed of 3000 to 3300 feet per minute. The high production speed ensures that you can print a lot of items at the highest speed. For example, magazine companies can use gravure printing to print millions of magazines at the littlest time possible.

2. Consistent

Gravure printing allows for consistent production. All the material gotten from gravure printing is uniform in terms of print and color. Therefore, if you wish to print millions of copies, all the copies will come out as uniform. The consistency in printing ensures that little or no mistake is made.

3. Durable cylinders

The best thing about gravure printing is that it uses reusable and durable cylinders. From one set of a cylinder, one can do two to three million print runs. The durability and long service offered ensures that you get the save money you would have otherwise used for constantly changing the cylinders.

4. Simple to use

Gravure printing does not require constant monitoring and several control processes. Therefore, it is simple to use. The straightforward process ensures that the process is not labor-intensive and also provides that it is consistent. The lack of using too much labor means that the gravure printing organizations save money that they would have otherwise been used in employing labor.

5. Direct process

The gravure printing process is straightforward. The printing process is direct since the images are engraved on the cylinder and printed directly to the printing avenue. The detailed process ensures that procedures of printing are not complicated and anyone can do it.

6. High volume production

The gravure printing process can produce high volumes of print at meager costs. Therefore, it saves you money. Also, the high volume of production can be attributed to the increased production speed. Thus, the fact that one can produce very many copies at a go can help save money.

7. High-quality images

In image production, especially for magazines and postcards, quality is everything. Therefore, one of the best attributes of gravure printing is the high quality of images produced.

8. Density range

Gravure printing offers a fantastic range of density from light to shadow. The incredible density range is due to its ability to transfer ink into paper than several other printing procedures. Thus, it is essentially very beneficial for photography and fine art production.


Gravure printing is an essential feature in the modern world today. It is used in almost all sectors of the economy today. Furthermore, its attributes make it a necessary element in the printing press world. For example, gravure printing is crucial in the magazine printing departments. Thus, the above are gravure printing attributes that will help you learn more about it.

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