The Inner Workings Of Specialty Custom Machined Parts

by Thomas

Most CNC machine shops offer standard custom machined parts for specialty application services to their clients. Custom machined parts for specialty application include specialty bolts, nuts, and screws. Professionals strive to provide top-notch custom machine parts at the lowest costs. Since custom machining is suitable for low-volume manufacturing, clients can order any number of custom parts in a wide range of materials, including steel and wood.

The application of custom machined parts in day to day life is overwhelming. CNC machining offers extreme accuracy for manufactured parts thanks to significant advances in measuring technology. Since Custom machined parts are engineered, it makes them much easier to save companies time and money. Precision CNC machining allows for complicated designs using unorthodox materials to create novel parts for new projects in the market. Custom precision machining is the secret to innovation in many companies and industries.

1. Custom specialty screws

When standard screws currently in the market do not meet the desired characteristics, engineers turn to CNC machining to create custom specialty screws. In certain instances, a company may even find it cost-effective to order CNC parts instead of buying the standard market product. The type of material used to make a screw is what makes it a specialty screw.

Common materials used for specialty screws include low carbon stainless steel, the 300 series steel, bronze, and aluminum. Special adjustments could be to increase the strength of the materials or to make the materials heat resistant. Staff members often guide clients on the best materials and designs to use, depending on your job specifications.

2. Custom specialty nut

Coupling nuts, castle nuts, flange nuts, hex nut, these are just but a few of the standard nut designs that machine shops make. Nuts are internally cut to make the threading impression that gives it the external means to turn and hold. Most machine shops are well equipped to produce nuts for the aerospace, military and agricultural industries.

Commonly used materials include copper, Inconel, bronze, brass, and stainless steel. Nuts are used to make gears in the construction of engines, hydraulics, and bridges. Since they are required to hold up huge weights, specialty nuts are expected to be extra strong.

3. Specialty studs

A specialty stud is a spirally threaded custom made part that is used in different operations. Threading can be done throughout the body of the stud or be partially threaded on both ends. Studs can be made from steel, brass, or aluminum. Special requests can be made to make the machined parts heat resistant and mechanically stronger. Variations can include diameter, materials used, coating, and pitching.

Specialty studs are used in lawn equipment, automobiles, tools, kitchen appliances, and electronics around the house. They are extensively used in various industries, including agriculture and military industries. Once a client buys them, the manufacturers guide the safety standard testing.


When it comes to custom machined parts, specialty parts raise the bar higher. The applications of custom specialty parts span several industries, including the military and agriculture industry. They take center stage in the advancement of infrastructure and safety standard improvements in appliances. You can get in touch with the nearest machine shop for your specialty custom parts.

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