A full description of the electric control valve

by Thomas

The main function of the electric control valve is to measure and control the flow of fluid by checking the flow passage and varying the size. It gets its signal directly from the controller and aids in the flow rate control.

The main reason why it is referred to as the electric control valve is that automatic valves are opened and closed using electricity. This is normally set up with a modulating valve set to any position.

These positions may be either fully closed or fully open. The positioners ensure that the valve attains a certain level of opening.

Because of the simple way it is operated, air-actuated valves are one of the most preferred. This is because the air supply they require is often the compressed one. For the electrical control valve, extra cables, and gears.

A control valve, especially the electric control valve, has three main parts. These parts include.

1. The body of the valve.

This is where the modulating part of the electric control valve is placed effectively. Elements like the plug, the globe, or the butterfly.

2. The actuator of the valve.

The actuator of the valve is responsible for moving the modulating element of the valve. This modulating element includes the ball, etc.

3. The positioner of the valve.

The main function of the positioner is to ensure that the valve reaches its desired degree of opening.

The main reason why the position is placed effectively to help prevent the problem of wear and tear.

Classification of Electric control valves.

There are several types of control valves in the marketplace. These valves are classified based on certain important features.

· They are based on the movement of the controlling element.

In this control valve, the motion moves equality in a linear position. This is one of the most simple control valves you can get.

· Some of them are based on the functionality of the pump.

In this type of pump, the valve controls the inflow parameters proportional to the input signal received from the control system at the center.

· Some of them are based on the actuator.

For the electric control valve, it users an electric actuator. For other types of actuators like the manual actuator, the valve is actuated using the hand wheel and in the hydraulic actuator, it is actuated by the non-compressible medium.

· Some of them are based on the profile of the pressure drop.

There are various valves like this. The highest recovery valve and the lowest recovery valve.

The highest recovery valve that retains most of the static pressure drop.

The low recovery valve regains most of the static pressure drop.


The electric control valve has so many unique features that make it the best in its class. Based on the fact that the actuators are powered by electricity, it gives the most effective results you can ever find.

In this article, we have done our best to give you the most concrete breakdown of the workarounds in the electric control valve. It is the most efficient control valve ever.

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